Lubbert Solo physical comedy / clown show, Inda Pereda
Trapped Solo physical comedy / clown show, Inda Pereda
Trapped Solo physical comedy / clown show, Inda Pereda
CWB Clown, Clowns Without Borders UK, at refugee camps in Greece
Trapped Solo physical comedy / clown show, Inda Pereda
CWB Clown, Clowns Without Borders UK, at refugee camps in Greece
Outside Inside Out Physical performer, Rocio Ayllón
Evros Physical performer, Seemia Theatre (R&D)
RatPark Physical performer, Nube Nueve Physical Theatre (R&D)
The Psychedelic Kidnap Experience Physical performer, Daniel Hernandez
Emergency Circus Clown, at refugee camps in Greece
The Best Company Clown, Festive Road
Masterchefs Comic characters, Little World Theatre
Normal Love Physical performer, Normal Love Theatre, directed by Zi Ling at Sadler`s Wells
Generation Why Comic characters, Teatro en Vilo (R&D)
The Balloon Puppeteer, by Carolyn Defrin
The Matilda Cure Assistant, CuckooAnd Co.
Silencio Clown, EastEnd Cabaret / Time Out Live, Southbank Centre
Agnes Miscellaneous, Jink Theatre
The Rite of Spring – Romeo and Juliet Physical performer, Concert Theatre (R&D)
Sorry, Olympic Stadium? (Collective Creation) Street Theatre, London
One P (Collective Cr.) Street Theatre, London
Sweet Summer Night Solo Absurd Theatre, Summer tour of Spain
El Turment Street Performance, Els 3 Mosqueters. Tour of Catalonia
hOlOcOm2 Solo Clown, Pineda de Mar Theatre Festival
…paper, scissors…, Social Street Theatre, Tour of Catalonia
Labyrinth Meeting Theatre
Beckenbauer Joan, EFIT (Barcelona)
Cabaret Cómico YindeYan (Collective Cr.) in Basque Country
Cava-ret Clown (Collective Cr.)
Pink (Collective Cr.) Comedy, Jasidilena`10 Festival Zilina (Slovakia)
Ghost Comedy Tranio, El Fiacre Co., Tour of Catalonia
hOlOcOm Solo Clown, at Bamako (Mali)
Domingueros Street Performance, Virutes de Teatre
Sugar team Co.
(Collective Cr.) Clown Circus. Tour of Catalonia
Fèlix Solo Clown, Summer tour of Spain
The Circle (Own Cr.) Performance, EXPO`08 Zaragoza
Balloon Elf
Elf, La Fábrica de Sueños Co., in EXPO`08 Zaragoza
El Manuscrit de Foc
(Collective Cr.) Performance
Medea Messenger, La Carrerada Co.
Noises off Timothy Allgood,
La Carrerada Co.
El trampos entrampat
Renato, La Carrerada Co.
El sol s`ha refredat (Collective Cr.) Children`s Theatre, Virutes de Teatre

– Clown Workshop by Christine Rossignol
– Clown Workshop by Gabriel Chamé
– Clown Workshop by Marta Iglesias and Carlos Sante
– Characters Workshop by Pere Hosta
– Clown Worshop by John Wright
– “Body-Voice-physical action” by Pere Sais
– “Silence of the Clown” by Lucy Hopkins
– Clown Workshop by Philippe Gaulier
2011 – 2013
– Post-graduate Devising and Performance at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts) Director Thomas Prattki
– Playfulness by Angela de Castro
– Coordination Method Masterclass by Grzegorz Bral, Song of the Goat Theatre
– Masterclass in Acting Techniques by Gabriel Gawin, Song of the Goat Theatre
-4th International Laboratory of YINdeYAN: “Physical Theatre, Mask playing and Clown” (150h) by Pablo Ibarluzea, Teacher at the École PHILIPPE GAULIER
-Absurd Theatre Workshop by Christian Atanasiu (Barcelona)
-Mime-Clown Workshop by Laura Herts (Barcelona)
-Clown Workshop by Carlo Mo (Barcelona)
-Clown Workshop by Jesús Jara (Barcelona).
-Clown Workshop by Maria Colomer (Barcelona)
-Commedia dell’ arte Workshop by Eugènia González (Barcelona)
-Course of Energy and Imagination by Peter Gadish (Barcelona)

-Pretext Drama Workshop by Allan Owens (Barcelona)
-Course of Forum Theatre by Andreea-Loredana Tudorache (Galway, Ireland)
-Course “Theatrical techniques of social intervention” by Jordi Forcadas (Barcelona)
-Legislative Theatre Workshop by José Soeiro (Barcelona)
-Educational Theatre Workshop by Moisés Mato (Madrid)
-Listen Theatre Workshop by Moisés Mato (Madrid)
-Microtheatre Workshop by Moisés Mato (Madrid)
-Course “Theatrical techniques of social intervention” by Chusa Pérez (Madrid)

-Course of Interpretation in EFIT (Barcelona)
-Course of Interpretation by Joan Cabo (Barcelona)
-Direction of Theatre Workshop by Ferran Madico (Barcelona)
-Diction Workshop by Ester Bové (Barcelona)
-Interpretation Workshop by Marina Mestres (Barcelona)
-Interpretation of scenes Workshop by Ester Bové (Barcelona)